I was born in 1989 in a coastal town called Katwijk in the Netherlands. After meeting my wife Tosca I moved to Bergschenhoek. We now have two children: Owen and Jane.

After my education in IT, I started working as a software developer. I'm always interested in learning and doing new things. That is why I've had many job titles throughout my career: web developer, iOS developer, full-stack developer, front-end developer, product owner and at one point I even was an "Angular Solutions Architect"… I'm still not sure what that one meant 😄.

Even though I have done many things, the front-end has become my specialty. This is because I have always gravitated towards the human side of technology. Making users happy and more effective is my goal on every software project, and the easiest way to achieve that goal is through the front-end.

My official title was always developer, but I have spent 50% of my time as an educator as well. This ranged from mentoring developers, speaking, teaching courses, and giving workshops.

Being an educator is a very rewarding experience: leveling up developers, seeing how things click in their minds, is my greatest professional reward.