Mastering JavaScript

Master JavaScript in this multi-day course, after which you will have mastered: promises, proxies, generators, modules and more.

Image of the Bromo volcano on Java island it represents the origin of the name JavaScript

Why learn JavaScript

According to the Stack Overflow's insight survey JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language in the word. If you work as a web developer you will encounter JavaScript. JavaScript allows us make our web pages more interactive, and it allows us to write web applications.

JavaScript is the underlying language for front-end frameworks such as React, Vue and Angular. Mastering JavaScript will allow you to write more effectively in these frameworks.

Why do this course

JavaScript has historically been a secondary language for many developers. Most developers are Java, C#, PHP, Ruby or Python developers first and JavaScript developers second. This means that they bring baggage from their native languages with them. Trying to solve JavaScript problems the C# / Java way is not as effective.

Also JavaScript has evolved rapidly in recent years, there are lots of exciting new APIs and language features to explore. Allow me, an experienced JavaScript, developer to accelerate your learning.

My Method

I like to teach using a hands-on experience. This means I don't like my students looking at an endless barrage of slides. I want my students to learn by doing. I feel very strongly that this is the most effective way to learn.

With each new concept I like to use some slides to get the concept explained. Then you will the concept in practice by writing some code yourself.

The course

Day 1

- the basics
  • Scalar types
  • Compound types
  • Conditionals
  • Arrays
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Understanding references

Day 2

- Intermediate
  • Magical this
  • Closures
  • Hoisting
  • Map, filter, reduce
  • Dates
  • Prototypical Inheritance
  • Classes

Day 3

- Advanced
  • Generators
  • Proxies
  • Map, and WeakMap
  • Set, and WeakSet
  • Timeouts and Intervals
  • Async Javascript
  • Modules
  • DOM api

TypeScript variant

It is possible to use TypeScript instead of using JavaScript during this course. The benefit of TypeScript is that the code becomes type safe, which will help the maintainability of your code. The format of the course remains the same.


You are a student who wants to learn how to program

You have recently graduated but you've focussed mostly on Java / C# or PHP, and you want to become a full-stack developer.

You are an experienced developer in Java / C#, Ruby or Python and you want to learn modern JavaScript.

You've delved into JavaScript in the past, but have not used it in a while. You want to come up to speed quickly with modern JavaScript.

Participants will need to have a laptop with Node.js, NPM and git installed. Also you will need a GitHub account. Two weeks before the workshop begins you will receive detailed setup instructions.


The price depends on how many days of training you want. If you are already an experienced developer, it is possible to skip the first day of the course, as it mostly deals with the basics.

One day

- the Basics

499 EUR ex 21% VAT per student

Two days

- Intermediate

999 EUR ex 21% VAT per student

Three days

- Advanced

1499 EUR ex 21% VAT per student



Nothing beats a real class room. With the hosted option I come to you, or you meet me somewhere in the middle.


Be it distance or COVID-19 sometimes virtual is the only option.


Please contact me via email, phone or messaging app if you need a quote or more information.