Learn React in this multi-day course, at the end of the course you can build React applications on your own using: components, hooks and TypeScript.

Image of a tree representing the fact that all React applications are trees

Why learn React

React is one of the most popular front-end framework, or should I say library... It is used by companies such as Facebook, Airbnb, Netflix and Instagram.

React allows you to write Single Page Applications, meaning that you can provide your user: offline capabilities, effective caching, and a better UX. It also allows you to write your back-end as a REST or GraphQL API, this allow the API to be consumed by multiple types of devices.

Why do this course

Learning React on your own is tough, the official documentation reads more like a reference rather than a guide on how to use React. It will teach you old fashioned APIs without giving you much context when to use the newer APIs, or even what the new APIs are. With my guidance we will navigate the React API, and you will learn the most modern way to write React applications, but also get a sense of React's past.

React also calls itself a view only library, which means it wants to do the view but nothing but the view. This means selecting libraries to fill in the gaps such as for routing and forms. It is nice to have an expert like me tell you the pro's and con's of each library, and which ones to use, and which ones to avoid.

You might be an experienced back-end developer looking for some new tricks, or you are a beginner who wants to master React. In any case this course is for you!

My Method

I like to teach using a hands-on experience. This means I don't like my students looking at an endless barrage of slides. I want my students to learn by doing. I feel very strongly that this is the most effective way to learn.

With each new concept I like to use some slides to get the concept across, but to move as quickly as possible to showing code. Which I will then write on the spot, this allows you to ask questions the moment the code is written. Then by following my lead, you will end up with a functioning application, which you can use in your further endeavors.

The course

Day 1

- the Essentials
  • Understanding JSX
  • Components
  • Props and State
  • TypeScript + React
  • Hooks

Day 2

- Writing Applications
  • Create React App
  • Routing with React-router
  • Fetching data
  • Writing forms using Formik

Day 3

- Advanced
  • Performance tuning
  • State management using redux
  • Unit testing with react testing library


It is possible to customize the libraries we will use. Want to use final-form instead of Formik, want to communicate using REST instead of GraphQL, or use Recoil instead of Redux, it is even possible to swap React for Preact. I can tailor make the course to fit your companies needs.


You are either a grizzled developer or a starting developer as long as you can write functions in JavaScript you will do fine. If you have zero experience in JavaScript but can write functions in other languages such as (but not limited to) Java, C#, PHP, Python or Ruby you will do fine.

Participants will need to have a laptop with Node.js, NPM and git installed. Also you will need a GitHub account. Two weeks before the workshop begins you will receive detailed setup instructions.


The price depends on how many days of training you want. If you only want the bare essentials, you can take a one day course.

If you want to be able to write an application you need the second day as well.

To truly write maintainable applications you will need a test suite for your application, and know a strategy for managing state.

One day

- the Essentials

499 EUR ex 21% VAT per student

Two days

- Writing Applications

999 EUR ex 21% VAT per student

Three days

- Advanced

1499 EUR ex 21% VAT per student



Nothing beats a real class room. With the hosted option I come to you, or you meet me somewhere in the middle.


Be it distance or COVID-19 sometimes virtual is the only option.


Please contact me via email, phone or messaging app if you need a quote or more information.

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