Async JavaScript

Learn asynchronous JavaScript / TypeScript. Master promises and the async / await keywords. After this workshop, Promises will have no mysteries anymore.

Image of chains on a bridge representing a romantic promise

Why learn async JavaScript

Asynchronous JavaScript is shrouded in mystery. How do Promises work? What do the async and await keywords do?

These are questions even the most experienced JavaScript developers struggle with. Using Promises and async / await is one thing mastering them and fully understanding them is another.

It is time we shine a light on asynchronous JavaScript.

The workshop

The workshop begins with me showing how you can implement promises using vanilla JavaScript. By seeing how promises can be implemented, we remove their magic.

Then it is time for the student to get their hands asyncy. The student is tasked with writing correct asynchronous code, in a number of exercises.

For the students that make it to the end the ultimate challenge awaits: making their own Promise implementation!

The workshop will last three hours.


You are either a grizzled developer or a starting developer as long as you have some proficiency in JavaScript you will do fine. If you have zero experience in JavaScript but have experience in other languages such as (but not limited to) Java, C#, PHP, Python or Ruby people can generally get up to speed quickly.

Participants will need to have a laptop with Node.js, NPM and git installed. Also you will need a GitHub account. Two weeks before the workshop begins you will receive detailed setup instructions.


The price of a workshop is fixed and is intended to be followed by a group of max 30 developers.

Async JavaScript

1999 EUR ex 21% VAT for circa 30 people



Nothing beats a real class room. With the hosted option I come to you, or you meet me somewhere in the middle.


Be it distance or COVID-19 sometimes virtual is the only option.


Please contact me via email, phone or messaging app if you need a quote or more information.