Tailwind is a utility first CSS framework. Being utility first is quite different from other CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation. This workshop gets you up to speed on this radical new approach to CSS.

Image of a windmill representing the wind in tailwind

Why learn Tailwind

Being a utility first framework means coupling the HTML and the styling more tightly together. Gone are the days of trying to give CSS classes semantic names, and using CSS methodologies such as BEM and SMACSS. When I first saw Tailwind I thought it was pure heresy, but after a while I saw the potential.

Tailwind really works well with component based JavaScript frameworks. Frameworks such as React tightly couple the HTML and JavaScript in one place, now with Tailwind doing the same for HTML and CSS it is a match made in heaven.

You give semantic names to your JavaScript components, and style them with out the Cascading part of CSS. Bliss.

The workshop

The workshop begins with a presentation about Tailwind. How it is a different beast from other CSS frameworks, and what the big deal is about utility first, and how that is considered by some to be heresy.

Then it is time to start creating a beautiful (well depending on the student design skills) responsive Pokédex using Tailwind.

The workshop will last three hours.


If you have some proficiency in HTML and CSS you can follow along this workshop.

Participants will need to have a laptop with Node.js, NPM and git installed. Also you will need a GitHub account. Two weeks before the workshop begins you will receive detailed setup instructions.


The price of a workshop is fixed and is intended to be followed by a group of max 30 developers.


- utility first

1999 EUR ex 21% VAT for circa 30 people



Nothing beats a real class room. With the hosted option I come to you, or you meet me somewhere in the middle.


Be it distance or COVID-19 sometimes virtual is the only option.


Please contact me via email, phone or messaging app if you need a quote or more information.