I'm dutch, a husband, father of two, Software Developer and educator. You can read more about me here.


I offer the following multi-day courses

Image of a tree representing the fact that all React applications are trees

Hands-on React

Learn React in this multi-day course, at the end of the course you can build React applications on your own using: components, hooks and TypeScript.

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Image of the Bromo volcano on Java island it represents the origin of the name JavaScript

Mastering JavaScript

Master JavaScript in this multi-day course, after which you will have mastered: promises, proxies, generators, modules and more.

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I offer the following three hour workshops

Image of chains on a bridge representing a romantic promise

Async JavaScript

Learn asynchronous JavaScript / TypeScript. Master promises and the async / await keywords. After this workshop, Promises will have no mysteries anymore.

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Image of the Nyhavn harbour in Copenhagen represents the city the creator of TypeScript Anders Hejlsberg was born in.

TypeScript primer

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript which offers type safety. This workshop is a primer to TypeScript, it will help you get up to speed quickly.

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Image of a windmill representing the wind in tailwind


Tailwind is a utility first CSS framework. Being utility first is quite different from other CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation. This workshop gets you up to speed on this radical new approach to CSS.

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From the blog

Image of a of a CPU, with gold colored soldering giving it a luxurious look. Represents the fantasy CPU be build in this blog post.

Fantasy CPU emulator part 2


Creating the fantasy CPU emulator using React and TypeScript.

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Image of a blue print / schema of a CPU, representing the fantasy CPU this blog post explains.

Fantasy CPU emulator part 1


Understanding the fantasy CPU emulator.

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A fire red pipeline suspended in the air by cables. The first sections of the pipeline are clearly visible, the later sections are surrounded by a thick fog. The fog represents the uncertain future of the pipeline operator.

Pipeline operator: Hack vs F#


Looking at the proposed pipeline operator proposals, and comparing the Hack vs F# proposals.

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Image of an old pocketwatch with a chain attached to it, represents that using lodash's chain is faster sometimes than using the native map, filter and reduce.

Lodash's chain vs native methods


Taking a closer look at lodash's chain, how it differs from using the native map, reduce and filter.

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Image of an old school typewriter called 'Underwood' made in Canada

Creating a Typewriter Effect


Creating a Typewriter effect using React, useEffect in combination with setInterval, and using a generator function.

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